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Image reconstruction, radio tomography, received signal strength, grain moisture sensing, moisture measurement


Inefficient storage of paddy and rice grains can lead to grain deterioration, resulting in post-harvest losses ranging from 10% to 30%. The quality of grains cannot be improved throughout the storage period. Therefore, following the mechanisation of agricultural industries, air dryers have been developed to control the crops’ moisture level by blowing ambient or heated air into the silo to improve the aeration and allow the grains to be preserved with minimal loss of quality until the appropriate time for managing and marketing processes. However, the conventional sampling method used to measure the moisture level is inefficient because it is very localised and only represents part of the moisture distribution inside the bulk grains. Additionally, incorporating advanced technologies can be a significant cost limitation for small-scale industries. Thus, to address the issue, this research study developed a radio tomographic imaging (RTI) system in a silo-scale prototype using 20 sensor nodes operating at 2.4 GHz to localise and monitor the moisture level constructively. The RTI system reconstructs the cross-sectional images across the rice silo by measuring radio frequency attenuation, in terms of received signal strength (RSS) quality, caused by the rice moisture phantoms within the wireless sensor network (WSN) area. A total of five phantoms’ profiles having a percentage of moisture content (MC) of 15%, 20% and 25% were reconstructed using four image reconstruction algorithms, Linear Back Projection (LBP), Filtered Back Projection (FBP), Newton’s One-step Error Reconstruction (NOSER) and Tikhonov Regularisation. 


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