• Widi Astuti Chemical Engineering Department, Semarang State University, Semarang 50229, Indonesia
  • Triastuti Sulistyaningsih Chemistry Department, Semarang State University, Semarang 50229, Indonesia
  • Masni Maksiola Chemical Engineering Department, Semarang State University, Semarang 50229, Indonesia



Kapok sawdust, methyl violet, dye, adsorbent, isotherm


In this study, chemically modified Kapok sawdust was used as an adsorbent for the removal of methyl violet from aqueous solution. Batch studies were performed to address various experimental parameters including pH, contact time, and initial concentration for the removal of this dye. Effective pH for methyl violet removal was 5. A greater percentage of dye was removed with a decrease in the initial concentration of dye. Quasi-equilibrium reached in 30 min. Equilibrium isotherms were analyzed by Langmuir, Freundlich, and Redlich-Peterson isotherm equations using correlation coefficients and two different error functions. Freundlich equation is found to best represent the equilibrium data for methyl violet-modified Kapok sawdust system.

Author Biographies

  • Widi Astuti, Chemical Engineering Department, Semarang State University, Semarang 50229, Indonesia
    Chemical Engineering Department
  • Triastuti Sulistyaningsih, Chemistry Department, Semarang State University, Semarang 50229, Indonesia
    Chemistry Department
  • Masni Maksiola, Chemical Engineering Department, Semarang State University, Semarang 50229, Indonesia
    Chemical Engineering Department


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