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XPS, SEM, XRD, welded joint, oxidation, oxide growth


Surface sensitive electron spectroscopy was used to study the fundamental processes of high temperature oxidation. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) has been applied to determine the oxide scale growth on oxidized fusion metal part of two different types of welded 6061 Al alloy, namely AA6061 ER4043 and AA6061 ER5356. Both welded joint were prepared using different filler metal which are ER4043 (Al-5%Si) and ER5356 (Al-5%Mg) respectively. XPS were used to investigate the chemical composition of the top surface of oxide scale that had been exposed to oxidation at 600oC for 40 hours. Furthermore, SEM and XRD were applied to characterize the cross-section of oxide scale and the phase present. The presence of Mg originating from filler metal addition was found to accelerate the oxidation process. Meanwhile, Si is expected to contribute as an agent in slowing down the oxidation process. It was significant due to the nature of Si itself which is less reactive and has ceramic properties than Mg. 


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