• Hablinur Al Kindi Graduate School of Agricultural Engineering Sciences, Bogor Agricultural University, 16680, Indonesia
  • Achmad Kemal Fadillah Department of Agriculture and Biosystem Engineering, Bogor Agricultural University, 16680, Indonesia
  • Iyan Yuliana Department of Agriculture and Biosystem Engineering, Bogor Agricultural University, 16680, Indonesia
  • Edy Hartulistiyoso Department of Agriculture and Biosystem Engineering, Bogor Agricultural University, 16680, Indonesia
  • Salundik Salundik Department of Animal Production Science and Technology, Bogor Agricultural University, 16680, Indonesia
  • Armansyah Halomoan Tambunan Department of Agriculture and Biosystem Engineering, Bogor Agricultural University, 16680, Indonesia




Adsorption, Carbon dioxide, Biogas, equilibrium adsorption, Freundlich model, zeolite 13X


The majority of research on biogas adsorption does not use biogas gas but by mixing CO2 and CH4 gas or (binary gas) or with additional other gases, such as N2 or H2S. In real application, the adsorption method of biogas purification is conducted by using its complex mixture of biogas to obtain the purer methane gas. Accordingly, in case of biogas purification, adsorption capacity of the adsorbent towards both CH4 and CO2 gases from a complex gas mixture of biogas is indispensable to be studied thoroughly for improving the existing purification method, such as the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) method. The objective of this experiment is to compare the adsorption of carbon-dioxide and methane from complex mixture of biogas by Zeolite 13X under pressurized condition using experimental data. The experiment was conducted using a specially designed experimental setup, and the data obtained was evaluated and analyzed using the Freundlich Isotherm Model. The results show that experimental study on the adsorption of CO2 and CH4 gas from complex mixture of biogas in Zeolite 13X was distinguishable by their values of Freundlich coefficient. CO2 and CH4 gas adsorption in zeolite vary directly with pressure raised to the power 1/n, where its value for CH4 adsorption was higher than CO2. However, within the range of applicable pressure, the equilibrium adsorption of CO2 in Zeolite 13X was still higher than that of CH4.


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Al Kindi, H. ., Fadillah, A. K. ., Yuliana, I. ., Hartulistiyoso, E. ., Salundik, S., & Tambunan, A. H. . (2023). EXPERIMENTAL STUDY ON PRESSURIZED ADSORPTION OF CARBON DIOXIDE AND METHANE FROM COMPLEX GAS MIXTURE OF BIOGAS IN ZEOLITE 13X. ASEAN Engineering Journal, 13(1), 119–123. https://doi.org/10.11113/aej.v13.18443