• Neelima K Department of ECE, School of Engineering, Mohan Babu University erstwhile Sree Vidyanikethan Engineering College, Tirupati, India
  • C. Subhas Chadalawada Ramanamma Engineering College, Tirupati, India



Bit Overhead, Code Rate, Code Efficiency, Hamming Code, Matrix Codes


Soft errors are caused in memories due to radiation effects as the technology scales down. This paper concentrates on correcting adjacent errors in memories using indirect decoding mechanisms. Several matrix codes were also used to correct a maximum of two adjacent and random errors. In this paper, matrix representation of two rows for half the data bits matrix representations is used and each row is encoded with extended hamming code parity bits. Three ways of decoding are proposed. Among them, the method-1 uses only extended hamming bits of rows and vertical parity bits for decoding which is capable of correcting odd number of adjacent bits in half of data bits. The method-2 uses all parity bits and is capable of correcting 1 bit less than half the data bits. The method-3 uses all parity bits and with a change in decoding mechanism allows correction of half erroneous data bits. The method-3 based decoder proves to be more reliable either in lower half or upper half of Data, enabling it to be used in image processing applications. But method-3 compromises with decrease in code rate, increase in bit overhead, area and power delay product by atleast 26.38%, 10.76%, 9.6% and 5%.


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