Material Design for Teaching Citations Skills in Scientific Writing


  • Kobra Mansourizadeh Faculty of Humanities, Apadana Institute of Higher Education, Shiraz, IRAN
  • Ummul K. Ahmad Language Academy, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 81310 UTM Johor Bahru, Johor, MALAYSIA



Advanced Academic Writing, Citation, Material Design, English for Research Purposes


Citations are important rhetorical devices that when properly and strategically employed, allow writers to promote their current research findings persuasively and efficiently. As knowledge construction is progressive and cumulative, specifically in scientific disciplines, it is evident that acquiring skills for adequate and effective application of citations is essential for success. Scientific writers are required to possess advanced academic literacy skills in order to ably position their study within the framework of existing knowledge, and strategically employ citations to advance the acceptability of their research findings. This paper endeavors to propose materials for teaching the rhetorical functions of citations in advanced academic writing courses. The tasks are designed specifically to raise students’ awareness of citation norms, especially in their own specific disciplines. Since the practice of citing the work of others ethically is highly challenging for emerging research writers, materials suggested in this paper can be beneficial to instructors who are involved in developing advanced discipline-specific writing courses, or short-term academic writing workshops.




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Mansourizadeh , K., & Ahmad , U. K. . (2021). Material Design for Teaching Citations Skills in Scientific Writing. LSP International Journal, 8(1), 19-34.