Review of the Discussion Section of Research Articles: Rhetorical Structure and Move


  • Yasir Bdaiwi Al-Shujairi Department of English, College of Education Al-Zahraa University for Women, Karbala, Iraq



Discussion section, rhetorical structure, moves, steps


      The discussion section forms an integral part in the writing process of a research article (RA). Research authors find it difficult to write and produce a well-structured discussion for their findings. The reason could be due to the unawareness of the main components (rhetorical moves) that shape this section. Therefore, this paper aims to provide a review of the studies that have been done to analyze the discussion section of RAs over the last 36 years. Also, this review seeks to examine the discussion section of RAs across various scientific disciplines and different types of journals. The review showed that the rhetorical structure of RAs discussion section witnessed some changes over the course of time. New moves such as Research Implications and Research Limitations started to be parts of the discussion section of RAs. In addition, it was revealed that differences in writing the discussion section can be varied broadly across disciplines such as soft sciences (e.g., applied linguistics, sociology, psychology) and hard sciences (e.g., engineering, chemistry, biology) and slightly across types of journals such as ISI and local journals. In conclusion, this paper offered several suggestions for further research to be conducted in the area.  




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Al-Shujairi, Y. B. . (2021). Review of the Discussion Section of Research Articles: Rhetorical Structure and Move. LSP International Journal, 8(2), 9-25.