The Effect of Extensive Reading on Vocabulary Acquisition


  • Saratha Subramaniam Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Zaidah Zainal Universiti Teknologi Malaysia



This study investigated the benefits of extensive reading to learners in acquiring vocabulary and improving their attitude towards reading. It examined the effectiveness of using a series of Graded Readers and whether it is instrumental in achieving vocabulary acquisition. The sample of the study consisted of 30 students aged 14 from one intact class in form two of a Malaysian school. A treatment was administered for two weeks which consisted of extensive reading of graded books for thirty minutes outside the school timetable. A quasi-experiment design was used to measure the effectiveness of extensive reading. The instruments included pre-test and post-test, interview and questionnaire. The results of the data analysis indicated that using Graded Readers in extensive reading helps in improving and acquiring vocabulary among the students. Extensive reading also assisted in promoting positive attitude towards reading and this was seen through the analysis of the questionnaire and interview. The study concludes that extensive reading using Graded Readers brings benefit to the students’ enrichment of vocabulary knowledge. Furthermore, it is also discovered that these students exhibited positive attitude toward reading.




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Subramaniam, S., & Zainal, Z. (2018). The Effect of Extensive Reading on Vocabulary Acquisition. LSP International Journal, 3(1).